Framing collectible posters has the same conservation requirements as more conventional fine art pieces. Poor quality or non conservation framing can seriously undermine the lifespan of an original poster. Acid-free materials, U.V-filtration glass and perspex, and non-permanent backing are all tools we employ to offer your cherished poster maximum protection. Film and advertising posters were produced in a wide variety of sizes: we offer a bespoke service and are able to frame large size formats in-house at our London W1 gallery.

Complete re-framing of poster display for Studio Canal's new offices.

Vintage original Virgin Records promo poster framed in hand-distressed gilt frame, the poster free-floated between UV-filtration glass and perspex.

Original British quad poster 30"x40". This scarce and valuable poster was framed in hand-stained black Ash, mounted and backed with conservation barrier board and Ph770 tape, glazed in UV-filtration glass.

Original U.S double sided advance 1-sheet 27"x41". This poster was framed in 3" Ramin - hand-stained with a blend of American walnut and mahagony, French Polished - mounted and backed with conservation barrier board and Ph770 tape. Modern gloss posters, and double sided posters especially, present specific problems in relation to unwanted light reflection. This was overcome by glazing in Reflection-Control UV-filtration glass.