At our London W1 gallery, we frame sports and entertainment memorabilia of all kinds: signed football and rugby shirts, signed cricket bats, vinyl albums, cds and gold discs, all in a wide variety of possible frames to suit your requirements. In framing valuable sports memorabilia we offer the same conservation approach as applied to our vintage poster and fine art framing.

Salix cricket bat signed by the Surrey one-day team.

Framed in a hand-made pine case, the bat fixed without adhesive by the handle with discrete black nylon straps, in case future removal is desired.


Another example from the 2016 England-Pakistan series: in a custom all-black case with inset title caption.


Match worn and signed by the captain at Anfield.
Framed the following week in hand stained black ash box frame.
Shirt stretched with tailor's pins (easily reversible) over acid-free card template - we do NOT apply harmful dry mounting or glue, nor stitch shirts to a backing.

Window cut at rear to display signature.

EURO 2004

Custom-made case, hand painted, for a daunting assemblage of diverse memorabilia of the winning Greek team. A collection of items that at first glance would prove difficult to frame successfully in one case.


Signed racquet and shirt.

Custom-made case, hand painted, for two clearly related but not straightforward to frame collector's pieces. No permanent fixings were used, so the items can always be removed at a later date, their value not compromised.


Mark Hutchinson, Bangor CC and Ireland - Ireland cricket cap.

Custom conservation case display with UV-resistant glass, acid-free card and inset caption. The cap is positioned without glue or permanent bonding.


Personally dedicated 12" single sleeve, with vinyl.

Specially custom conservation framed without use of any adhesion at all to the record or sleeve.
This is a very important consideration for items of value where even museum tape adhesion may not be desirable.


Signed album cover.

Framed with no adhesive whatsoever - the inner mount supports the sleeve from within, a technique ideal for rare and valuable record covers where direct adhesive contact even with conservation materials is undersirable.